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Fourth Official Report: Shamokin State Hospital – June 1st, 1917 to June 1st, 1919

In this exhibit we present an interesting report on the State Hospital at Shamokin. This report was prepared by George W. Reese, who was Surgeon-in-Chief and Superintendent at the time, and covers a two-year period from June 1st, 1917 to June 1st, 1919 and outlines all injuries treated, operating expenses and other details about the hospital’s operations.

This publication was shared via and is part of the State Library of Pennsylvania collection.

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Shamokin High School Review – Vol. XXXI, April 1927

This publication is provided courtesy of Northumberland County Historical Society.

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St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church – Golden Jubilee Program, February 27th, 1913

This publication is provided courtesy of David Van Doren.

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Shamokin 1905 – The Daily Herald Souvenir Edition