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Explore Our Rich History

Choose from the following categories below to dive deep into the history of the town we call home, Shamokin.


People are what makes a community. Dive into pictures of “Shamokinites” of the past and discover yearbook photos, wedding portraits and more.


Over the years Shamokin has changed quite a bit. See Shamokin’s journey through a series of photographs of our community. You will find aerials, streetscapes, and more in this collection.


Shamokin was once one of the economic superpowers of the Pennsylvania Coal Region. Click here for the stories of Shamokin’s business community, big and small.


Dig into the rich history of Shamokin’s schools from the beginning with the Academy Building to the merger with Coal Township. Check out photos, digital yearbooks and school newspapers in this collection.


From Kemp Memorial Stadium to our very own Baseball Hall of Famer, Shamokin’s sports history is rich and vast. Check out the stories and pictures of Shamokin athletics.  

Edgewood Park

Take a trip back in time and relive the memories of Edgewood Park in beautiful Coal Township. See the Carousel, The School of Mines, The Clubhouse, the Lake and the people that enjoyed it in this collection.


This is the industry that our community was build upon, coal. In this collection we chronicle the stories and images that tell the history of our once vibrant coal mining industry.


How many theatres were once located in Shamokin? Click here to see and learn about Shamokin’s entertainment centers. From “The Vickie” to The Capitol Shamokin’s theatres were world class.

Railroad History

Trains moved people and the products that paid the bills. Learn about Shamokin’s railroad history through pictures and stories. You will discover, not only the locomotives and the train stations, but also the people that made them run.

Fire Companies

The local fire company was not just a necessary part of the public safety infrastructure of Shamokin, but also served as a social club and community center. Learn the history of Shamokin’s Fire Companies, see the equipment, and learn about Shamokin’s heroes.


Shamokin’s cultural melting pot brought with it a incredibly diverse religious community. Learn about Shamokin’s Churches and their congregations and see the beautiful structures they build for worship.

Newspapers & Radio

With The Citizen, News-Dispatch, WISL Radio and WETV, Shamokin was very well represented when it came to community media. Learn about these outlets and the people that made them come to life.


The Shamokin State Hospital has gone through many changes over the years, but continues to provide care to the residents of our community well into the 21st Century. Learn the history of our hospital through pictures and stories.


Take a trip though the history of Shamokin’s governing body. Learn about our mayors, city council and other organizations that have kept our city going since 1866.

Military History

Shamokin has given many of our sons and daughters over the years through service to our country. In this section we remember those who served and died in service to our country.


Shamokin has hosted many exciting events over its history. Step back in time with extraordinary parades, community gatherings, dedications, ceremonies and more.

Online Library

Visit our online library for a deep dive into Shamokin’s rich history. Here you can browse various Shamokin related books and publications, historical documents, School publications and much more.

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Shamokin Quotes

Take me back to old Shamokin where the neighbors were all good. Don’cha wish they still made F&S to wash your lunchtime food? Where the folks are still a ‘living, loving, laughing all the time.Where people welcome strangers, and not smilin’ is a crime.

Pete Wambach – “If Your’re Going To Shamokin” – August 1989

Our neighbors became blended together as one.  We came to share our lives in a manner that was beyond the belief of outsiders, who had never experienced the unique joy we found in each other.  The rich cultural fabric that resulted is second to none.

Dick Morgan – Centennial Book Committee Member – September 2003