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Stevens School

Stevens School, circa 1950’s

The Stevens building received its present name, January 10, 1876, by resolution of the board, “in honor of the great defender of the common school system,” Thaddeus Stevens. Prior to that date it was known as the Newtown school.

Stevens School Early Drawing

On the 5th of May, 1857, the township school board decided to purchase lots No. 8 and 4 in block No. 61 from C. P. and B. C. Helfenstein, and on the 19th of June it was resolved to build. A building tax of sixteen hundred dollars was levied, June 26th; the contract was awarded, July 13, 1857, to Benjamin McClow at his bid of eighteen hundred twenty-five dollars, and the work was prosecuted under the direction of Messrs. John and Shipp, building committee. For various reasons this location was not found to be entirely suitable, and on the 5th of June, 1869, the building and grounds were sold to Henry Morgan for five hundred dollars.

Stevens School

Frederick S. Haas, Withington Lake, and M. Emes, a committee of the board, reported in favor of a new location, June 4th; on the 1st of July, 1869, the contract was awarded Joseph E. Thompson at his bid of twenty-two hundred seventy-five dollars, and the building was erected agreeably to plans prepared by Daniel Yost. It was completed in August, 1870, and with extra work the entire cost was twenty-three hundred fifty-six dollars, ninety-five cents.

Stevens School Early Photo
Stevens School circa 1920’s

An addition to this building, similar to that erected at the Penrose building in the previous year, was authorized by the board, July 12, 1875, and a week later Messrs. Schwartz, John, and Robins were appointed a building committee. The work was done by R. S. Aucker under contract for the sum of twenty-seven hundred ninety-five dollars. As again enlarged in 1887 this building comprises eight rooms, in which four intermediate and four primary schools are taught. It is located on Third street at the corner of Spruce.

Stevens School Entrance, circa 1950’s